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  • AGE REQUIREMENT: Children under the age of 8 must be supervised by an adult. This includes all events (lessons, practices, meets, matches)

Klahaya Swim & Tennis Club was established in 1958 as a facility where families could gather to enjoy swimming, friendships, and other activities. We undertook a major remodel of the facilty in 2008.

Presently there are 240 families. We are open from the middle of May until the middle of September. We have a varied schedule offering a Swim Team, Tennis Team, Lessons, Open Swim, Adult Lap Swimming, an Adult Swim Team, and many social activities.
Tennis Design on klahaya.net
Ok, huge apologies. I am clearly NOT a webmaster.  The file for the design is not attaching  Go to klahaya.net and look at the first announcement to see the awesome design!
Dear Klahaya Family,
Daniella has come up with a delightful design for Klahaya Tennis T-shirts/Hoodies this year! Kids on Tennis Team are receiving a t-shirt already (included in tennis team price and already on the way). AND we also wanted to open it up to the whole club because they are so cute and reflect Klahaya so well.  The design is attached. We wanted to give parents and all members the chance to order as well. And Team kids may want a hoodie in addition to their t-shirt.
If you'd like to order your own this sportswear -- please read on. 
I am placing this separate order for parents and other Klahaya Tennis fans.
The shirts and hoodies will be available during the weekend of July 24-26.
This order is for ROYAL BLUE 100% Cotton t-shirts and ROYAL BLUE 50/50% hoodies.
1. Sizes available are small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large
2. $15 ----- T-Shirt cost (including tax)  $15
3. $29 ---- Hoodie cost (including tax) $29
4. We will be using Venmo for payments.
**** ORDERING CLOSES AT 10PM on Tuesday, July 14, 2020*****
If you would like to order a t-shirt or hoodie please follow the instructions below:
In the VENMO notes please include: (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT)
your name, your email, your order --organized by type, size and price, total $
Klahaya Tennis Gear for Madath,  , 2 large t-shirts ($30), 1 small t-shirt ($15), 3 xx-large hoodies ($87), 1 small hoodie ($29), Total=$161
Please remember that ordering closes at 10PM on Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Donna Madath

by posted 07/10/2020
Session 3 Tennis sign-ups 7/13/2020 6pm

Dear Klahaya Members, 


We have moved into the July portion of lessons. We are seeing super improvement. Please keep up the great work wearing your masks before and after lessons, tennis team and swim team, along with keeping social distance. 


We will also be signing up for Session 3 on Monday July 13  at 6pm.

Please bring a check for payment at sign-up.


At 6pm there will be a random picking of numbers (based on the number of people present) and then line up according to number. PLEASE wear a mask and Social Distance in line.


Folks have asked about "proxy" sign-ups. While we prefer you sign-up in person (moves the line along) you may have a proxy (14 yrs or older) sign-up for you. One ticket per member and proxy, however. 



Session 3 Tennis Lessons Dates:

We will continue to have 12 slots available to tennis classes. Classes Monday-Wednesdays July 20, July 21, July 22 and July 27, July 28, July 29  


Assessment Dues must be paid to sign up and liability waiver on file. 


Tennis Class Schedule:

8:00-8:45am - Advanced Beginner

8:45-9:30am - Beginner

9:30-10:15am - Intermediate

10:30-11:15am - Advanced

11:15-12:00am - Advanced Beginner

12:00-12:45am - Beginner

12:45-1:30am - Intermediate


See you around the Club. 


Klahaya Swim and Tennis 

by posted 07/08/2020
Updated Lap Swim Policy and Club Hours

Hi Klahaya Families,

Happy Fourth of July to you all.  With the unlikelihood of Snohomish County moving into phase 3 any time soon I want to update you on a lap swim policy change we are implementing.  This change is based on making our wonderful facility as available as possible to members while still maintaining all necessary safety protocols.

As of Monday July 6, we will permit children younger than those entering high school this fall to lap swim when sharing a lane with a parent/guardian.  I’ve heard from many of you over the past few weeks if we could make this possible and I believe the time is now right due to some sort of open swim not coming any time soon. To ensure the consideration and safety of everyone we do need to have rules in place, so please pay attention to the following:

  • If a child is not entering HS this fall, they must be sharing a lane with a parent/guardian.  Older children can continue to have their own lane as appropriate

  • Both adult and child need to be listed on the signup sheet

  • This is still lap swim – not “play time” or “learn to swim” sessions – my expectation is kids under HS age can complete multiple 25s/50s on their own over the course of a 30/60-minute slot.

  • One 1-hour session a day max please – let’s give everyone the opportunity to get some exercise

  • A maximum of two family members per lane

  • If two adults/HS and up, please double up during busy times

  • No-shows: Changing plans are just fine but please update the sign-up sheet as early as possible.  I’ve been seeing some empty lanes that were not bookable

  • Pool Equipment: If you’ve been borrowing kick boards etc. the past few weeks, please return the next time you are on site.  The club will now take ownership to ensure cleaned after usage.

To support this likely addition of swimmers we are adjusting the hours of lap swim.  From Monday July 6, lap swim will run from 6:45am – 8:45am (allowing swim team to start on time at 9am) and 4:30pm – 8:30pm.  With this additional hour at the end of the day, tennis courts will also be available for scheduling.  Both tennis and lap swim signup sheets have been updated to reflect these schedule changes.

You can find the Lap Swim and Tennis Court Sign up sheets at www.klahaya.net in the upper right side bar under the REGISTER NOW button.

Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns at



Klahaya Swim Director


by posted 07/03/2020
Tennis Rainout Policy

Greetings Tennis Families,

Tennis is a wonderful sport but sadly it does not mix well with water. A rainy day can throw a huge wrench into our plans. Let's talk a little bit about what happens to Klahaya Tennis when it rains. 

Playing tennis on wet courts is a no-go for two primary reasons. First and most importantly, tennis in the rain is unsafe. Courts get very slippery when wet, and players who are used to quick stops and starts will frequently slip and fall. Remember, the concrete is very hard and very abrasive. Second, rain is very damaging to our tennis balls, which fray and wear down prematurely. 

As a result tennis lessons can get cancelled or rescheduled from even the slightest drizzle. This isn't just a Klahaya thing, it's true for all outdoor tennis.

So what do we do? If courts are wet 15-30 minutes before the start of a lesson then coaches will call a rain out. We will inform the front desk and we will post the rainout to our Klahaya Tennis twitter account (@klahayatennis) that posts to the front page of our website, www.klahaya.net.  (Note: The twitter widget does not show on the mobile website. On your phone, select the "view desktop site" from your browser options.)

If a tennis lesson is rained out then it will be rescheduled for (likely) Thursday of the same week at the regularly scheduled time unless otherwise noted. If a tennis team practice or event is rained out, there will not be a make up - we just don't have enough time on the calendar. 

Feel free to contact   if you have any questions. 

Here's to a sunny summer!

Peter Reni

Head Tennis Pro

USPTA Certified

by posted 06/30/2020
Face Coverings at Klahaya

Dear Klahaya Members, we have had a great week around the Club. Lots of laughs and smiles out on the tennis courts and water splashing in the pool for lap swimmers and swim team. 


We are trying our best to stay current with the latest developments from the Governor’s Office.  As many of you have heard, there is now a requirement for facial coverings in public spaces. (see below).


We are requesting that Members wear face coverings while on the Klahaya property. Areas such as the parking lot, waiting for classes, and interacting with other Members should now be done with face coverings. On the tennis courts during lessons and the beginning of swim team the coaches Request and Strongly Encouraged the use of face coverings. Please speak with your children about the request and have them come to the Club prepared-please put names on face coverings help in case they get misplaced. :) 


 The link below shows different examples of face coverings.


Keep up the great work Klahaya Frogs! 



Klahaya Swim and Tennis 





Effective June 26, a statewide order requires individuals to wear a face covering in indoor public spaces such as stores, offices and restaurants. The order also requires face coverings outdoors when you can't stay 6 feet apart from others.

There are exemptions, including people with certain disabilities or health conditions, people who are deaf or hard of hearing, and children under the age of 5 (though it's encouraged to have children ages 3-5 wear a covering if possible). There are also situations when you can remove your face covering, such as when seated at a restaurant or when recreating alone.

by posted 06/25/2020
Klahaya Gear

You can now order Klahaya Gear all year - please go to our Klahaya Gear page.

by posted 06/12/2020
Liability Form

All Members must fill out Liability Form below before using any Klahaya Facilities.


by posted 06/06/2020
Tennis Court and Lap Swim

Click here to sign up for Lap Swim


Click here to sign up for a Tennis Court




Liability and Volunteer Forms

One adult per membership  must fill out Liability Form below before using any Klahaya Facilities.  All members that use Klahaya must be listed.


Follow this link to enter your Volunteer Hours.  All Volunteer hours must be reported here.



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