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Change Team: 

Klahaya Frog Families

New tradition at Klahaya this year - introducing Frog Families!

Purpose of New Program:
- Clustering the whole team into smaller "families" to increase connections
- Spread out the responsibilities for our veteran swimmers
- Create excitement and team spirit

- Unifying veteran swimmers and younger swimmers to better incorporate new swimmer families
- Increase connections of the swim team
- Create a support network for swimmers (as well as, new swimming families)
- Help guide smaller swimmers thru meet dynamics

What to expect:
- Each swimmer will be assigned a small group consisting of multiple veteran frog swimmers and younger frogs
- We will distinguish families by colored bandannas (Red Frog Family, Neon Blue Frog Family, etc.)
- The kids will have an immediate connection with the kids wearing (or tying to their bags) the same bandanna. This encourages the "Frog Family" concept.
- We need to charge $2 per swimmer to cover the cost of the bandannas. Please bring money next Tuesday to the event.

Frog Family Kick off!
We are having an event on Tuesday, 6/23 @ 7pm - 8pm on the grass at Klahaya.  
(This is also Food Truck night so plan to come and eat dinner with your family and then we will have the Frog Family Kick off!)

We are asking that ALL swimmers make an effort to attend.  We will have inspirational Senior swimmers talk about their experiences at Klahaya, we will teach the team chants, learn the Flash mob, get to know your Frog Family members, explain how it will work and get excited for our first swim meet. We will also take pictures of all of the "Families" so we can post them on the bulletin board. The Frog Family is an ongoing "team builder" for our swim team. 

Please mark your calendar and have your swimmers come to this event.  Thanks for your support!

Coach Skye and Coach Samantha